Film in Real Life: Haley and Joanna (2018)

By: Matthew Celestial

If you're having a bad day, there's something about this short film directed by Laura Jayne Hodkin that makes you feel so good.

 Laura Jayne Hodkin,  "Haley and Joanna" (2018)

Laura Jayne Hodkin, "Haley and Joanna" (2018)

It's the ultimate, casual pick-me-up. The film really highlights the comradery and beauty of (female) friendship where there is a mixture of both deep conversations and casual unfiltered thoughts filling the entire room. The film carries audio from youtube sensations, Haley Blais' and Joanna Spicer's podcast, Friday Night In

It begins with Joanna's voice reiterating: "I do not like a man in my apartment." 

We all love those unfiltered moments when the thoughts spew from our heads and fill the room with laughter, tears, and just casual conversations. It's like therapy without the burdening bill. But there's one thing about this film that makes it just perfect. It's the beautiful artwork. The lines, the artistry, the animation, and the way each scene moves from one to the next. It makes you think that it is incomplete yet perfect. Completely perfect. It's one of those short films where you take everything in and let it digest on its own. 

Should we be seeing more of content like Haley and Joana? I 200% think so. It's innovative in its own right. It makes you laugh with the audience around you. Animation doesn't have too intricate to the point that we are suffocating ourselves to one style. This just perfectly showcases why I work with the filmmakers I choose to work with. Because this content — it's just so rich in life — it's content that gets everyone. 

Haley and Joanna screens in Toronto on July 28 at the Royal Cinema for the Toronto Animated Image Society's 12th Showcase. Get your tickets now.